My heroes are pasted on the wall…

När jag läste engelska-C i gymnasiet skulle vi läsa en roman på engelska, och sen skriva lite om den. Kände för tillfället inte för att välja en anglosaxisk författare utan valde en favorit fransos: Jean Genet, och hans mest kända verk Notre Dame des Fleurs från 1943. En del av uppgiften var att välja ut ett tio-tal citat från vald roman, och sedan skriva om dem. Citaten har jag fortfarande oftast med mig, nedskrivna på ett papper som får flytta med från dagbok, och här är de 11 som jag valde (inklusive sidhänvisning!)

1. “Nevertheless, I managed to get about twenty photographs, and I posted them with bits of chewed bread…” “some are pinned up with bits of brass wire which the foreman brings med and on which I have string coloured glass breads. Using the same beads which the prisoners next doors make funeral wreaths, I have made star-shaped framed for the most purely criminal.” p. 5-6

2. “So, with the help of my unknown lovers, I am going to write a story. My heroes are they pasted on the wall, they and I who am here, locked up. As you read on, the characters, and Divine to, and Culafroy, will fall from the wall upon my pages like dead leaves to mauvre my tell.” p. 7

3. “Divine died yesterday in a so red pool of blood she had vomited that, as she expired, she had the supreme illusion that this blood was the visible equivalent of the black hole which a smashed violin, seen in a judge’s office through a hodge-podge of pieces of evidence, revealed with dramatic insistence, as does a Jesus the glides chancre where gleams His flamed Sacred Heart. So much for the divine aspect of her death.” p.7-8

4. “From his sick-bed, he looked at the room where an angel (Again this word troubles me, attracts me and sickens me. If they have wings, do they have teeth? Do they fly with such heavy wings, feathered wings, ´those mysterious wing´? And scented with the wonder: their angel’s name, winch they change if they fall?)…” p. 11

5. “´He is going to die. I know it´ was the expression torn all alive – and helping her fly – from a book, and bleeding, like a wing from a sparrow (or from an angel, if it can bleed crimson), and murmured with horror by that heroine of that pulp novel in small print on cheep paper – which is as spongy, so they say, as the consciences of those nasty gentlemen who debauch children. ´So, I am dancing the dire.´” p.13

6. “Ernestine wept with rage at being unable to kill her son, for Culafroy was not what one could kill, or rather we can see that what one killed, or rather we can see that what one killed made possible in another birth…” p.74

7. “Then, in the garret, Our Lady became sad and joyous. One might think he was singing a song of death to the air of the minuet. Divine listened.” p.111

8. “I accept living there, as I would accept , were I dead, living in a cemetery provided that I lived there as if I were really dead.” p.114

9.“I am no longer alone, but I am thereby more alone than ever. I mean that with the solitude of prison gave me freedom to be with the hundred Jean Genets glimpsed in a hundred passers by…” p.169

10. “I continue my reading of cheap novels. It satisfies my love of hoodlums dressed as gentlemen. Also my taste for imposture, my taste for shame, which could very well make me write on my visiting cards: ´Jean Genet, bogus Count de Tillancourt.´” p.170

11. “Paris did not sleep. She hoped that, the following day, Our Lady would be sentenced to death, she desired it.” p.178 — “Forty days later, on a spring evening, the machine was set up in the prison yard. At dawn, it was ready to cut. Our Lady of the Flowers had his head cut of by a real knife.” p.197

For an school assignment, each pupil were to read a book in english, and then pick out some quotes and write a bit about them. For some reason I couldn´t really be botherd to read an Anglo-Saxan author, so instead I choose Jean Genets Our Lady of the Flowers. I´m still slightly obsessed with the quotes of my choice.


En tanke på “My heroes are pasted on the wall…”

  1. När jag känner att jag har tid och ork så ska jag helt klart leta upp denna bok vars språk verkar vara helt jävla underbart rent ut sagt. Och om jag bara utgår från dina citat så verkar engelskan relativt enkelt? Vilket bara är bra för min del…


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